The owner of www.mercadosalado.es is Anchoas Matías López, SL, a company with a great reputation in the Spanish gourmet market and with a proven track record. After 15 years in its old facilities, Anchoas Matías López, SL inaugurated in the spring of 2008 a set of modern facilities in the Polígono Industrial Oeste that include an advanced industrial plant for the treatment and production of canned fish. This plant has a series of handling, transformation and packaging rooms accompanied by a set of cold rooms that keep the fish in ideal conditions for its correct treatment at all stages of the production process.
The product stays fresh from the moment it leaves our facilities until you receive it at home. We try to stock the products as little as possible to give them the maximum expiration. If you wish, you can buy directly from our physical store, which is located at the following address: Avda. Américas, parcela 1/2. 30.820, Alcantarilla (Murcia). Hours MF 8: 00-13: 30 and 15: 30-18: 30.
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