Marriage of Anchovies and Anchovies

Marriage of Anchovies and Anchovies

Taking in the same bite, a salted anchovy and a pickled anchovy ... generally on a toast is called marriage and it is one of the most traditional and characteristic pinchos, tapas or canapés of Spanish gastronomy. Anchovies and anchovies are essential ... and from here on there are a thousand and one variations: present them inside a pickle open lengthwise as if it were a sandwich, place them on a fried potato, spread the bread with a little tomato or with a pepper ... take note of our proposal of anchovy and anchovy marriage canapé and make the variations you want according to your tastes. 

Step 1:

To do this anchovy and anchovy marriage canapéThe first thing we will do is cut and lightly toast the bread. Cut medium-thin slices, about a centimeter, the loaf of bread. Try to do it diagonally, although it is a little more difficult, so that the slices are prettier and more elongated. Toast them in a skillet or, better yet, with the toaster. It's not about toasting it too much, just a little, so that the bread is a little crunchy.

Step 2:

Open the can of roasted red peppers and cut into strips. Put them in a bowl and season them with salt, oil and vinegar. Move them. You can also use piquillo peppers, but in this case we recommend that you sprinkle them in a pan with olive oil for 4 or 5 minutes. Now, the ideal is that you roast the red peppers. If you are going to make a lot of them and dull them to use in other recipes, it is worth it ... if it is only for these canapes, it may not be so worth it.

Step 3:

Place a few strips of red pepper on the toast. Immediately afterwards, place an anchovy and a pickled anchovy. Add a few drops of extra virgin olive oil ... this is optional, as the normal thing is that the anchovies already have their little oil. Of course, finish with some salt flakes you anchovy and anchovy marriage canapé.


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